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Prof. Dr. Markus Hertwig

On the following pages we give you an overview of our research activities and our teaching offer. Here you will find information on the modules currently offered at the Institute of Human Factors and the seminars at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Selected publications

Markus Hertwig, Manuel Holz & Philipp Lorig (2023): Solidarity and collective issues in remote crowd work: A mixed methods study of the Amazon Mechanical Turk online forum.In: New Technology, Work and Employment (OPEN ACCESS, online first).

Martin Lenzner, Jule Elena Westerheide, Markus Hertwig & Anna Korn (2023): Standardisation gaps in hybrid work. Post-pandemic working time cultures and the repersonalisation of control using the example of public administration. In: AiS-Studien 2/2023.

Markus Hertwig & Patrick Witzak (2022): Hybrid Interest Representation in the Platform Economy. Challenges of "Coalition Building" in the Cooperation between IG Metall and YouTubers Union. In: Journal of Sociology 51(2): 174-192. Hybrid advocacy in the platform economy

A Systematic Literature Review on Platform-based Work by Markus Hertwig - Christian Papsdorf (2022), Online labor markets at the crossroads of platform and community. .  (Hier PDF Hertwig-papsdorf2022 Article Online-arbeitsmärkteimspannung)

Sandra Jaworeck, Markus Hertwig, Philipp Lorig, Oliver Thünken and Carsten Wirth (2022): Operational impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Empirical Findings from the Manufacturing Sector.  SDT Discussion Papers 2022-01. Prof. Dr. Markus Hertwig, Lehrstuhl für Soziologie der digitalen Transformation Ruhr-Universität-Bochum. Chair of Sociology of Digital Transformation, Ruhr University Bochum  (Here you can continue reading or download Corona Im Vg-studie 2022 Doi 10.13154294-8925)

Markus Hertwig and Carsten Wirth (2021): Practices of onsite work contract use in Germany. Baden-Baden: Nomos, Edition Rainer Hampp

Oliver Thünken, Sissy Morgenroth, Markus Hertwig, Alrun Fischer (2020): Struggle for co-determination. Responses to "Union Busting" and the Obstruction of Works Council Activities. Bielefeld: Transkript-Verlag - (Click here for free pdf download)

Markus Hertwig (2020): Digitalization of the knowledge society: Paradoxes of technological change in the age of crowdsourcing and Industry 4.0. In: Yaman Kouli, Markus Hertwig and Peter Pawlowsky (Hrsg.): Knowledge economy and Digitization. History and perspectives. Wiesbaden: Springer VS Verlag

Markus Hertwig and Christian Papsdorf (2017): Varieties of Sharing. in: Berliner Journal of Soziologie, 27 (3-4), S. 521-546



Research project: "European Works Councils after Brexit: New Challenges for Transnational Employee Representation? 13th European Regional Congress of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association, Universitat Autònoma Barcelona. Witzak, P., Hertwig, M., Kahmann, M., Guillas-Cavan, K. and Hauptmeier, M. (09/2022).

Research Project "Solidarity on Crowd Work Platforms" (together with Dr. P. Lorig and M. Holz, TU Chemnitz)

Research Project "Hybrid Interest Representation in the Digital Economy. YouTubers Union, IG Metall and the FairTube Campaign".


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